Multiuse Pullout Drawers

...for you to emerge to premium lifestyle.

Always a good choice, ready to work at any time, NEFF's multiuse pullout drawers never gets out of date, with its own ease of use and personality, ready to work at any time. A bevy of features make your choice and give your kitchen the personality it deserves. Today's life requires convenience and confort. Like NEFF's multiuse pullout drawers to organise your kitchen and life better.

Grains require a proper place to keep them fresh and easily accessible. Neff's Grain Trolley is styled specifically for this purpose. A unique design ensures that you are never at a loss for grains from now on.

Multiuse Pullout Drawers

Grain Trolley


Grain Trolley (With Base)

Side Mounting Pullout

Bottle Pullout